Thursday, April 21, 2011

What it feels like to be touched by a ghost

I didn't have a ghost encounter last night, so today I decided to answer a frequently asked question. What does it feel like to be touched by a ghost? Ok, there are two ways to be touched by a ghost. The ghost can either touch you on your skin or touch you through your clothes. I blogged yesterday about a ghost grabbing me by the foot, but my comforter was over me. That just felt like a person had grabbed my foot through a comforter, but nobody is there.
 The other way a ghost can touch you is by touching your skin. This is a creepy kind of feeling. The ghostly touch doesn't have any tempreture, so it is neither hot nor cold. A ghost touch feels like a human touch in every way, minus the body heat sensation. I usually feel an energy burst along with a ghost touch. The energy sensation is hard to describe. The sensation is like a tingle or polarity feeling. The sensation is similar to what I feel when a ghost is present in the room, but a little different. I sometimes get a chill when a ghost touches me. The chill isn't because of the ghost's deathly chill like some people describe, but because I am startled by this paranormal experience. I have been touched by ghosts on my face and arms a lot, usually when I am laying in bed. I think ghosts touch my face out of curiosity or just to see if I am real. A few years ago, I had a repeat visit by a female ghost several nights in a row. She would caress my face and smile down at me. It was an encounter I will never forget.....

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  1. Hello, I was touched by a ghost in my room a few days ago for the first time. And I was wondering what you meant by "polarizing".

    It was a hard tap on my arm, but the method the tap happened stood out to me. The one finger it tapped me with lingered on my arm for a split second before pulling away.

    It kind of felt like it attached to me for a split second as a magnet does before you pull it off a metal.